Feature Teams vs Empowered Teams

Feature Teams vs Empowered Teams

After reading both books, INSPIRED and EMPOWERED, by Marty Cagan, I got motivated to summarize the difference between Feature Teams and Empowered Teams.

For that I created the simple infographic below:

An even more summarized version by Marty Cagan: 'Empowered Teams are assigned problems to solve and are empowered to come up with solutions that the customers love, yet works for the business and are held accountable for the results'.

The phrase above has a powerful meaning and it is something that is very hard to achieve and especially to maintain. But even just aiming for it and doing smaller improvements towards it, will potentially create improvements for the motivation and results in the long run.

Another addition to empowered teams is that behind them we need leaders who gives context and constant coaching. These leaders let the teams and employees be on the spotlight, creating trust and building strong relationships.

Note: Want to know more? Check this great article also from Marty Cagan about Product vs Project Teams.

What is your view regarding empowered teams?