Who we are

We are group of tech & science professionals who are willing to share our knowledge, thoughts and ideas on how to solve the most challenging topics in our daily business.

Why tech coffee time?

"Knowledge Is Power & Knowledge Increases By Sharing Not By Saving"

Normally we do coffee breaks during our work day, where we talk, share and discuss our challenges, trying to figure out best practices.
We also relax and have fun together. Normally most knowledge sharing happens during such breaks.
We believe we can do the same on line at tech coffee time.

We would like to know your opinion on facebook, LinkedIn

If you have interest sharing your ideas, please send us your request to info@techcoffeetime.com

Publishing Support

If you are the person that has no time to play with our publishing tool,
we also offer free support to publish your topics on your behalf. To support you, we need at-least, you to accept our author invitation and create your user details. After that you only have to send us your topics on info@techcoffeetime.com with the title that you would like to get published. It would also help us if you can give us related image or photo as an attachment or write us an idea about the image you would like to have it on your topics.

Self Publishing

If you are one them that who would like to play with the tool and wants to publish topics by your own, then we have a self help, which can give you the starting idea
Writer's Self Help