Writer's Self Help

Writer's Self Help

Well, you are reading this post, because you have strong interest in sharing your thoughts and ideas and you have accepted our invitation as writer, and now you wanted to know how to write and publish your thoughts.

Yes you are in a right place. Lets start

Step 1. You have accepted our invitation and created your own login credentials.

Step 2. Now you need to go to GHOST_URL/ghost/
It will prompt you for login, once you successfully logged-in, you will land on this screen.

Infos: Here on on left pannel when you click on Staff , you will see only yourself , dont worry, you are not alone, its just that due to access rights you are not allowed to see other staffs
Also please dont create any new pages, if there is a need please consult with us

Step 3. Now To start writing, you need to click on the +sign besides "Post" on left panel, or click on "new post" button

Step 4. The moment you click on +sign, you will land on writing pad, where you start writing with a nice Post Title and the details
While you continue writing your page will get saved automatically, if not just click on save, you can also check how readers will see you post by clicking on preview button

Step 5. Once you finish writing then its part of publishing settings. On the right side click on the setting button

You will get the setting panel like below.

Post url should match with your topic name, you can upload proper image for your post in case if you want to.
Once you are done please inform our editors via info@techcoffeetime.com to review your post and publish.

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